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Elite Travel Reviews has long been one of our members’ most popular tourist destinations. Let me restate that New York City has long since been one of travelers’ most popular tourist destinations worldwide. How can it not be? No other city on the planet beats the type of vibrant life that New York City does.

Elite Travel Reviews Members Enjoy New York City

Before visiting New York City for the first time, we remember telling people I had never been. Most of them shocked me as I told them my confession. Here I am, someone who has visited 6 of the seven continents and over 40 countries and is still waiting to see New York City.

Elite Travel Reviews Members Enjoy New York City (2)

Following the shock of my confession, most dive into an exhibition of reasons why they love the city, followed by a quick list of a hundred different things I need to do while there.  

Elite Travel Reviews Members Enjoy New York City

What amazed me was that everyone’s reasons and lists were completely different. This is what makes New York City so unique. There is something for everyone and many other reasons to love it.

Elite Travel Reviews Members Enjoy New York City. For me, it was Madison Square Gardens. I was a Bulls fan growing up, but even a Bulls fan understands something special when he sees it. There is power to Madison Square Gardens, a history rich in basketball and sport in general.

The Gardens lights were set lower than everywhere else, which I always imagined was a way to allow the stars on the court to shine a little brighter. The crowds that show up in droves are the most genuine fans in the world.

Elite Travel Reviews Members Enjoy New York City 3

They cheer when they are happy and boo when they aren’t. It is an atmosphere like no other building in the world. What makes a person fall in love with a destination varies from one person to the next; that is the beauty of travel.

But I’d like to know if there’s a city on the planet with more reasons to fall in love with it than New York City. Many Elite Travel Reviews members already have a favorite part of New York City; it’s time to find yours.

Elite Travel Reviews from Members

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