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In this blog post, Elite Travel is delighted to take you through breathtaking landscapes, awe-inspiring architecture, and remarkable natural phenomena.

You will want to take advantage of these unique places: the iconic Great Wall of China, the mystical Machu Picchu in Peru, the stunning Northern Lights in Iceland, or the magical Petra in Jordan. So hold tight as we showcase our favorite wonders that deserve a spot on your travel bucket list!

The Wonders of the World: Elite Travel Reviews

If you love history and sightseeing, you’ll want to check out these Elite Travel Reviews of the Wonders of the World. There are so many different types of forests to explore, ranging from the dense rainforests of South America to the temperate forests of Europe. Each forest offers an incredible variety of plants and animals.

Wonder of the world of India, Taj Mahal Mausoleum, Uttar Pradesh, Agra

Among the most spectacular forests on the planet are Yosemite National Park in California, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda, and Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve in Costa Rica.

We will explore the incredible variety of natural beauty that nature offers, perfect for photographers, nature lovers, and explorers alike.

You’re sure to find the one that interests you, whether hiking through ancient forests or searching for rare wildlife. So what are you waiting for? Plan your next Elite Travel adventure today!

The Great Sphinx between the Khafre and Menkaure Pyramids of Giza, Cairo, Egypt

Explore the wonders of the world and enjoy the beauty of nature!

  • Wonders of the World: what are they?
  • There are seven wonders of the world: the Great Pyramid of Giza,
  • Babylonian Hanging Gardens
  • Olympian Zeus statue
  • Ephesus’ Temple of Artemis
  • Halicarnassus Mausoleum
  • Rhodes’ Colossus
  • Alexandrian Lighthouse.

All of these wonders were built between the 6th and 2nd centuries BC.

The newest 7 Wonders of the World has replaced the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. New wonders include Chichen Itza (Mexico), Christ the Redeemer (Brazil), Machu Picchu (Peru), the Colosseum (Italy), the Taj Mahal (India), the Great Wall of China, and Petra (Jordan).

The Wonders of the World Elite Travel Reviews (3)

World’s Most Famous Wonder

The Great Pyramid of Giza is by far the most famous wonder in the world. Built over 4,500 years ago, it is a monument to ancient Egyptian engineering skills. As well as being the oldest and largest of the most popular of Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the one and only Great Pyramid is the largest of all the three pyramids in the Giza complex.

The Great Pyramid is believed to have been constructed as a tomb for Khufu, also known as Cheops.

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